New Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) and Specialty Area Program (SAP)

State Specialty Area Licensure Program Report for Conditional Approval

Report one

Public Documents

Part 1 – Educator Preparation Provider

Section 1

Evidence 1a minutes, agenda, and sign-in sheets

Lane’s Focus Visit

Steering Leadership Committee Meeting

Steering Leadership Committee Meeting

Division of Education Updates

Steering Leadership Committee

Program Reestablishment Meeting

Section 2 EPP Framework

STANDARD 1. Content and Pedagogical Knowledge


Evidence/Standard 1.1a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies degree plan

Evidence/Standard 1.2a P-16 Advisory Board September 6, 2018 agenda

Evidence/Standard 1b TEC and P-16 Meeting Agendas 

Evidence 1b Division of Education Updates- March2018

Evidence 1b Focus Visit February28th minutes

Evidence 1b Lane College Department of Education- April meeting notes

Evidence 1b Lane College Division of Education agenda 2-27-2018 minutes

STANDARD 2.Clinical Partnerships and Practice

Evidence/Standard 2.1a P-16 Advisory Charge 

Evidence/Standard 2.1b P-16 Minutes

Evidence/Standard 2.2a Field Experience and Clinical Practice Hand Book

STANDARD 3. Resources and practices support candidate learning

Evidence/Standard 3.3a Disposition Handbook

Evidence/Standard 3.3b Teacher Candidate Disposition Form 2018

Evidence/Standard 3.6a Assessment Handbook

STANDARD 4. Candidate Quality, Recruitment and Selectivity

Evidence/Standard 4.4Perception Instrument

STANDARD 5. Provider Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

Evidence/Standard 5.3 Assessment Handbook

Evidence/Standard 5.5 Advisory Charge

Section 3 Primary Partnership

Evidence/Section 3.1 MOU’s

Humbolt School District

Fayette County School District

Jackson Madison-County School District

Section 4 Optional Information

Evidence/Section 4a Letter of Support College President

Evidence/Section 4b Letter of Support Mayor of Jackson, TN

Section 6 Candidate Assessment Process/Structure

Evidence/Section  6b.1 Perceptions Instrument

Evidence/Section 6b.2 Dispositions Instrument

Evidence/Section 6b.3 Student Unit Plan

Evidence/Section 6b.4 Self-Refection Paper

Evidence/Section 6b.5 EDU 337 Elementary Math Content- Teaching Demonstration

Evidence/Section 6b.6 EDU 230 Foundations of Education- Course Outline