Field Experience

Field experience is a highly-valued component of the Educator Preparation Program(EPP).  Such experiences provide early and ongoing practice opportunities to apply content and pedagogical knowledge in K-5 and community settings to progressively develop and demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

Clinical Practice  Handbook

Student Teaching

The student teaching model at Lane College is a field-based practicum experience and is an integral component of the teacher education program. It is during this period that the student participates as a pre-professional in the public schools. Essentially, this is the experience which provides the student with the arena for converting theory to practice and demonstrating potential to perform the teaching-learning process. Each Teacher Candidate will have a Clinical Supervisor, that acts as a liaison between Lane College and the school.

EPP Handbook

Application Deadlines to Submit Clinical Practice Applications

Clinical Practice Application deadlines are September 1st for spring semester and February 1st for fall semester. Failure to complete the application by the deadline will delay admission by one semester. If you have not completed all the Clinical Practice Prerequisites but are close, you must still submit this application by the deadline.

If you fall under the checkpoints you can apply for Clinical Practice, but you cannot register or receive a placement until you have provided documentation that you have passed all required Praxis Exams for your initial licensure.

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