Mission and Vision of the Department

Teachers as Innovators

Our Department addresses the challenges facing today’s learners by advancing knowledge and impacting policy through research, teaching, and outreach.
We will help our candidates develop the tools, methods, and habits of mind that innovate; contribute to making education equitable and accessible to all learners; and prepare leaders, researchers, and passionate advocates committed to transforming learners of all ages.

Vision Statement

The Department of Education is committed to the preparation of 21st century teachers who understand the complexities of learning and teaching that encompass inclusion, equity, and social justice. This work is enhanced by a liberal studies foundation that encourages breadth of knowledge, interdisciplinary and international perspectives, engaged inquiry, and intellectual curiosity. We strive to prepare teacher candidates to possess the 4 C’s; Caring, Committed, Culturally Responsive, Competent and who possess the deep knowledge in their field of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all.

The organizing theme of the Department of Education is “teachers as innovators”. We strive to help our candidates build and construct new methods, ideas and strategies for meeting the challenging and diverse needs of today’s students.

Overarching Unit Goals

Unit Operations Goals

  • Meet state and national standards for the Unit.
  • Ensure the excellence of all licensure programs in the Unit.
  • Respond to the needs of the regional and state-wide teaching community.

Unit Program Goals

  • Meet the state and national standards relevant to the various programs.
  • Meet the Unit Goals for candidates through the various programs.
  • Continue to build strong partnerships with stakeholders.

Unit Candidate Goals

  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of the depth, breadth, and interdisciplinary connections inherent in the specialty area discipline studied.
  • Candidates are knowledgeable of subject matter in order to create meaningful learning experiences for all learners.
  • Candidates develop skills necessary for self-reflection and uses this reflection to support student learning and development.
  • Candidates demonstrate professional dispositions in varied educational settings with regard to a diversity of students and all members of the school community.