Admission Requirements

Admission to Educator Preparation Program Benchmark Chart

The first benchmark is called Admission. The Admissions Committee of the Teacher Education Council, which is housed in the Teacher Certification Office, makes all final decisions on admission to the EPP. Candidates will first submit an application online into the LCAS, complete a face to face interview and complete a writing prompt.  Specific requirements for admission are the following:

  • Completion of forty-five (45) hour minimum core requirements
  • have a 3.00 cumulative undergraduate GPA,
  • must pass all portions of the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills Test for Educators (CORE) unless the candidate has an Enhanced ACT score of 21 or above or a combined score of 1020 or above on the SAT.  Note: passing the CORE writing exam is a non-negotiable and cannot be appealed, and
  • have a cleared TBI background check on file in the Office of Teacher Education.
  • submit a Teacher Education application (Online) Form A
  • submit written recommendations (Form B) from two full-time faculty members: either two from the major or one from the major and one from general education
  • Demonstrate proficiency in oral communication through a departmental screening interview

Department of Education Model Benchmarks