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Praxis Exam Requirements for Tennessee Licensure 2019-20

Praxis Exams are required for both EPP Checkpoint 1 and Checkpoint 3.

Praxis Requirement for Checkpoint 1: All Teacher Candidates are required to pass the Writing section (5723) of the Praxis: Core Academic Skills for Educators Exam to meet Checkpoint 1. In addition, all three sections of the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Reading, Writing, and Math) can be used to meet the Checkpoint Test Score requirement if the Teacher Candidate does not have the required ACT or SAT.

Praxis Requirement for Checkpoint 3: In order to meet Checkpoint 3, which allows you to register for Clinical Practice, you must have passing scores on the required licensure Praxis exams for your licensure area (see below) by sent to Lane College. Official passing scores must be received by July 15 for Fall Semester Clinical Practice and November 30 for Spring Semester Clinical Practice. Please note that because official scores are only available 10-15 business days after the close of the exam's testing window, some scores can take up to one month after your test date. Plan accordingly to ensure that you have enough time for scores to be received.

You must select that both Lane College and the TN Department of Education (8190) are score recipients for all exams.

*Information Subject to Change. Official Information at the Praxis Tennessee page.