Welcome to Lane College’s Educator Preparation Program Webpage. We at Lane are in the process of reintroducing our department back to the College.  The future of Lane is intimately tied to its historic past. The College was founded by individuals who were committed to assuring that newly freed slaves would be able to “read, write, and speak correctly.” The vocational goals of the first students to enroll at the College were in the areas of teaching and preaching. It was the view of the founders that neither group would be able to influence the more learned individuals in society unless they had academic, spiritual, cultural, and economic qualifications that were equal to their counterparts.

Lane College has a legacy of playing a significant role in reducing the rate of illiteracy among blacks in the South during its existence. The pool of Lane College graduates has expanded to include alumni who have entered a multitude of professional disciplines. The College is confident in its future because of its exceptional progress — due in large measure to the advocacy and commitment of its faculty and staff, alumni and friends — all of whom have supported an ambitious agenda of high academic standards, robust support services, new capital improvements, strong financial management, and strict administrative accountability.  The faculty and staff, under the leadership of President Logan Hampton, have employed a collaborative approach to establishing a revived culture of student-centered, technology-enhanced teaching and learning.

With strong ties to the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the College’s Mission is to develop the “whole student.” Academic excellence is the institution‘s top priority, and it is achieved through a student-centered and nurturing approach to learning supported by excellent teaching, teaching-related research, and service. The College believes that one’s intellectual capability coupled with social and spiritual growth is essential to the development of a well-rounded individual. In keeping with this Mission, the College offers creative and enriching academic programs to prepare students for their chosen careers; and encourages active student engagement to cultivate life-long learning.

The Educator Preparation Program is committed to the preparation of 21st century teachers who understand the complexities of learning and teaching that encompass inclusion, equity, and social justice. This work is enhanced by a liberal studies foundation that encourages breadth of knowledge, interdisciplinary and international perspectives, engaged inquiry, and intellectual curiosity. We strive to prepare teacher candidates to possess the 4 C’s; Caring, Committed, Culturally Responsive, Competent and who possess the deep knowledge in their field of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all.  The organizing theme of the Teacher Education Program is “teachers as innovators”.  We strive to help our candidates build and construct new methods, ideas and strategies for meeting the challenging and diverse needs of today’s students.