Evidence SheetV1

Evidence Table




Evidence Sheet

The evidence sheet provides an outline of all supporting documents and evidence to support the standards and claims by the EPP.

Land College- Completed- Proposal Template

New EPP and SAP Proposal Template

MOU Agreements

MOU Agreements from three districts:

This folder contains the MOU agreements for three surrounding school districts: Fayette County School District, Humboldt, School District and Jackson Maddison County School District.

Optional evidence

This folder contains optional evidence that includes letters of support from school leaders, district administrators and the Mayor.

Part I

EPP Applicant Information and Authorization

This folder contains the signature of the President and other important information related to the EPP.

Part II EPP Eligibility

Evidence Prompt 1: About Lane: http://www.lanecollege.edu/lanepage2.asp?id=010000002 History Lane: http://www.lanecollege.edu/lanepage2.asp?id=010002002

Evidence Prompt 2: Proposed Budget and Narrative

Evidence Prompt 3: Clinical Practice and Field Experience Handbook Evidence Prompt 4a: Table with Faculty Credentials

Evidence Prompt 4b: Curriculum Vita’/Resume Eligibility Prompt 5: Admission website

Eligibility Prompt 5: 5a Admission Requirements and Model Benchmark5a Admission Requirements and Model Benchmark

Part III EPP Framework

Standard 1

Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.1a: 21 Proficiencies Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.1b: Sample Degree Plan Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.1c: Conceptual Framework Spiral Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.2: Sample Course Outlines

Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.3: EPP-InTASC Alignment Tables

Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.4 Alignment Table to National Standards Evidence/Standard 1: Component 1.5 Technology Matrix

Standard 2

Evidence/Standard 2: Component 2.1a: P-16 Advisory Board Charge

Evidence/Standard 2: Component 2.1b: Correspondence with Principals, meeting agendas/minutes Evidence/Standard 2: Component 2.2: Field Experience and Clinical Practice Handbook

3 Folders

Component 3.3

Standard 3

Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.3a: Disposition Handbook Evidence 3.3b: Disposition Form (Instrument)

Component 3.4

Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.4 Benchmark Chart

Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.4a Sample Course Outline with Alignment Table – EDU 230 Foundations of Education

Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.4b EDU 231- Technology for Teachers Course Outline Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.4c Professional core courses, hours and suggested assessments

Component 3.6

Evidence/Standard 3: Component 3.6: Assessment Handbook

2 Folders

Component 5.3

Component 5.5

Standard 5

Evidence/Standard 5: Component Evidence 5.3a: Assessment Handbook Evidence 5.3b Flow timeline and flow chart

Evidence/Standard 5: Component 5.5: P-16 Advisory Charge

Part IV Primary Partnership

This folder contains three documents, three of which are signature documents.

Primary Partnership Planning Template State Recognized Partnership Agreement Primary Partnership Agreement

Part V Specialty Area Programs (SAPs) That Lead to Licensure

Section 1

List all specialty area programs and grade spans to be offered (add rows as necessary),

Part V Section 2

Program Requirement 3 Table 1: edTPA Course Alignment Chart with InTASC and TEAM

Program Requirement 7 Procedures for Background Checks and Fingerprinting

Part V Section 3 2 Folders Elementary K-5

Secondary Programs

K-5 Program Synopsis

Program Alignment to the InTASC Standards

Secondary Program Synopsis

Program Alignment to the InTASC Standards

Part V Section 4 6 Folders History


Math Music PE


EPP Literacy Standard and Comprehensive Questions

  • Elementary K-5 Program

  • Secondary Programs

Part V Section 5

Items for Clinical Experiences

A and B Narrative that describes the overall design of field experiences and the clinical practice

C. narrative that describes the supervision and evaluation of candidates during clinical experiences.